Baldwin Boxall – The BVRDIP

A few people have asked for more information on our Baldwin Boxall BVRDIP, so we thought we would highlight some benefits here…

View the status of a Vigil VA system from your mobile phone
With the BVRDIP unit it is possible for you to check a voice alarm system remotely – be it from your office desk, on the train – or any place where you have access to the internet. A great solution for engineers or anyone responsible for monitoring one – or even multiple – Vigil voice alarm systems.

VA system fault notification by email
The same BVRDIP unit will automatically send an email when a fault is detected on the system. The email details the type of fault – providing valuable information prior to a site visit, or enabling the opportunity to contact someone onsite to advise on the situation.

Only one BVRDIP unit required
Even on a networked system, only one unit needs to be fitted for remote monitoring of the entire system.

Retrofit or new
The BVRDIP can be easily fitted to any currently installed Vigil EVAS voice alarm system. We certainly recommend the fitting of a BVRDIP to any new VIGIL EVAS voice alarm system.


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